Uluwatu - the best location to rent a holiday villa in Bali besides Seminyak

Nadira Bashir Written by  Nadira Bashir

There are myriads of holiday villa in Bali. There’s always something for everyone. Places like Seminyak or Ubud to name a few each have different personality and character. There is no doubt there are more things to do in Seminyak like café hopping and shopping, but if you would rather spend your deserving holiday finding inner peace, tranquility and pure relaxation, Uluwatu is your perfect escape.

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

First time visitors to Villa Capung Bali completely experienced a different vibe to Seminyak. Their second and third visit will still remain the same, being Uluwatu as the preferred Bali location. Uluwatu is more about embracing nature, the fresher air, beautiful beaches and laid back locals. You won’t be experiencing the busy streets, the honking, and locals hassling you to buy things from them. Here in Uluwatu, you get to lose yourself and lose track of time. If you're staying at Villa Capung Bali, you and your group of friends could even throw yourself freely in the infinity pool, eat and drink at the private dining & living area overlooking seductive sea views. It’s no surprise many international tourists return to Villa Capung Bali to satisfy their cravings for Mother Nature and serenity.

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

This humble and cozy villa is located only 20 minutes from Kuta and Seminyak. The ideal distance to be if you’re looking for a quick fix on shopping or dazzling Seminyak night life and return back to the peaceful villa to unwind.

Uluwatu will always hold a special place in the hearts of many holiday makers. It’s the way Balinese treat other people, and particularly in Uluwatu, the Balinese genuinely offers you help without expecting anything in return and therefore many tourists appreciate that very much.

What else Uluwatu has to offer?
Uluwatu is definitely a surfer HQ surrounded by a few well known beaches in Bali. Many professional surfers head to Uluwatu chasing waves and settle down for the most enchanting sunsets on the island infect comparable to the world’s beautiful sunset location.

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

Not to worry, if you’re not a surfer yourself, Uluwatu holds a place to witness the breath-taking sunset with family and friends during a hens / bucks getaway or a family bonding session. Those into photography will love to linger on for dramatic sunsets from above. The one thing that visitors repeat their stay in Villa Capung Bali is because of how the staff accommodate to each and every need. Your stay could be personalised and be arranged accordingly.

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

Visitors to Bali exploring the artistic side should explore the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park also known as GWK. Located approximately only 10km from Villa Capung, you’re definitely advised to visit GWK as it boasts one of the largest artistic masterpiece and showcases most stunning works of arts ever created in Indonesia’s art history. Facilities in GWK include Wisnu Plaza, restrooms, restaurants and souvenir shops.

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

If you’re more of a curious cat and wanting to learn and get to know the fresh local produce, the Jimbaran Market also known as Pasar Desa Adat Jimbaran showcases variety of fresh groceries and daily necessities. Many visitors linger and spend time learning the name of fruits and vegetables or simply smelling and touching some of the most exotic produce that can’t be found back home. Situated approximately 12km from Villa Capung, it is no wonder many visitors get there in the morning as it is a great place to do life-drawing and a great locations for street photographers.

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

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Photo credit: Rusdi Sanad

Apart from the mentioned places, you can also explore the Jimbaran Bay specifically the Jimbaran Fish Market where you can encounter saltwater catch. Here you’re able to bargain for the best freshly caught fish and enjoy a freshly cooked family barbeque gathering or party with friends.


The staff from Villa Capung is more than happy to assist you with your ideal and well spent holiday itinerary in Uluwatu. Refer map above for nearby attractions prepared by Villa Capung.

All are welcome in Uluwatu. From building sand castles, sunbathing, lying down with a good read under a rented parasol or simple sitting back to enjoy the exotic views, there are plenty of things to do or not (if you prefer to just enjoy mother nature) in Villa Capung Bali. Book your ideal 3 Bedroom Holiday Villa in Bali with Villa Capung Bali in Uluwatu today and be sure to experience Bali immensely.